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Do you have friends or family members that would benefit from our service? If so, fill out an application at Once your account is approved, you'll be given a username and password to login to our secure site. Once inside, simply click on "Refer-A-Friend" to get your customized tracking link. Send your friends an email with your tracking link in the body of your message and when the recipient clicks on the link, and fills out an application, and is approved for a loan or sale, we'll send you a thank you gift of up to $100 in cold, hard cash!

Start Earning Now

Here are just a few of the great features of that your friends might not be aware of:
  • offers fast, discrete, and convenient secured loans from $200 - $2,000,000 with no credit checks, waiting, or paperwork required.

  • You also have the option of selling your items outright; quickly and securely and all from the comfort and privacy of your home.

  • We would accept a wide variety of valuables as collateral for a loan or as items for sale precious metal jewelry (including broken jewelry), luxury watches (like Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Piaget, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Tissot, Mont Blanc, Tag Huer, Hublot, Ulysse Nardin and other), precious metals (like Gold, Platinum, Silver, in bars or as scrap), diamonds and other precious stones (including loose stones), Apple products (like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air), DSLR cameras and lenses, designer handbags, memorabilia (like certified sports memorabilia, historical items and documents), rare coins, fine art (like paintings, statuettes and other), collectibles and much more. We can give you cash for pretty much anything of value!

  • You can ship your items, for free, to via FedEx. Packages are tracked from the moment they leave your door to the moment we receive them. will provide you with a confirmation email once your package has arrived.

  • You can repay the loan any time by bank transfer or wire. The items are returned by the very same delivery method that was used to receive them originally.

  • If you need to extend your cash loan all you have to do is ask us for an extension and pay off the interest owing from your current term. Once your extension request is granted, you only need to pay the interest accrued to date.

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

  1. You qualify to earn referral fees if you are an existing customer of (i.e. you must have submitted an application to for a pawn loan or to sell an item) and have received a unique tracking link from us. A referral fee is earned once a new customer who has used your unique tracking link to contact has either (1) entered into a Pawn Loan agreement with or (2) entered into a Bill of Sale to sell an item.

  2. reserves the right to reject any application submitted by a potential new customer who has used your tracking link. Only applications accepted by in its sole discretion will result in a referral fee being earned.

  3. We will contact you by email once you have earned a referral fee and we will pay the referral fee by deposit into your bank account on file with us within 7 days thereafter.

  4. reserves the right to apply any referral fee earned against amounts which you may owe to pursuant to a loan agreement.

  5. does not tolerate spam. You shall not use or disseminate your tracking link in any manner which violates any applicable provincial, state, federal or local law, rule or regulation (including, without limitation, any applicable privacy laws). If you fail to comply with this provision, then in addition to forfeiting your claim to any referral fee, you shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless for all claims, fines, penalties or expenses of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of or related to such breach.

  6. further reserves the right to disable your tracking link at any point in time for any reason whatsoever.

  7. The more referrals you make, the more you get paid!

    1-4 Referrals - $50.00 for each referral
    5-7 Referrals - $75.00 for each referral
    8+ Referrals - $100.00 for each referral

  8. reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions, including the referral fee schedule, at any time by posting the revised Terms and Conditions on this page. You should visit this page frequently to view the current Terms and Conditions.

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