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Advertising Final Frontier: Online Pawn Shop Becomes Human Billboard's 39th Ad Tattoo.

Montreal, October 16, 2012

Billy Gibby, also legally known as Hostgator Dotcom, was featured on ABC News' 20/20 for adding online pawn store to his body-billboard of advertising tattoos. 

ABC News delivered a realistic look at the body ad tattoo phenomenon, a trend that grew in popularity with the internet boom, but did not bust along with many of the dotcoms that still appear on Mr. Gibby (watch the ABC's video clip about online pawn shop tattoo here).

Despite what many people think, body billboard advertising is still going strong, and online pawn shop is in good company on Mr. Gibby's body, with websites such as, who many say pioneered the ad tattoo craze when they tattooed champion boxer Bernard Hopkins in 2001. By doing so, Hopkins became the first athlete to sport an ad tattoo during a professional sports event.

As with any type of conventional advertising, body ad tattoos have their supporters and their opponents. Those against the practice contend that it is overly predatory, and takes advantage of people. Others say that it is just another component of free market capitalism. The Billy Gibbys of the world are fully knowledgeable adults, entering into a private contract of their own free will with a party that is paying for their services. Whether it's an online pawnbroker, web hosting site, or online casino makes no difference. 

In a world bombarded by advertising, body billboards appear to have their place. Although offensive to some, supporters are quick to point out that they are less intrusive than many other forms of advertising, such as the targeted ads you see on social media websites or even in your e-mail.

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