Press Release Pawn Shop Online Included SLRs and Professional Camera Lenses in its List of Accepted Items, the leading online pawn shop has included digital SLRs and professional camera lenses in their list of accepted items for a pawn loan or for sale.

January 24, 2012

Whether it is a secured loan or cash for sale, the owners of SLR and professional camera lenses are now able to benefit from using online pawn shop to get cash fast. continues to widen the range of items it accepts as collateral for a pawn loan or as items for sale in accordance to its commitment to let even more people benefit from their online pawn services.

Based on their previous experience,’s appraisal team has suggested to management that they include digital SLRs and optics (these are professional cameras, both bodies and lenses), since has been receiving more and more inquiries about pawning and selling such items over the last few months.

There are many cases when customers receive such hi-end cameras as a gift, but, having no interest in professional photography, or due to the form-factor of the SLRs (they are usually bigger and heavier than the average “point and shoot” cameras) customers simply don’t use them: they give preference to smaller digital cameras, because small cameras are easier to carry around (they would normally fit into someone’s pocket), fully automated and do not require professional shooting skills.

At the same time, as pieces of professional electronics and optics, digital SLRs are valued more than the typical “point and shoot” cameras. Regardless if it is used as collateral for a loan or as an item for sale, SLRs usually have a rather high evaluation price, so that their owners can expect to get a substantial amount of cash from pawn shop for them any time.

About is a leading provider of the online pawn shop services in North America and the first fully online pawnshop in Canada. It offers exceptional live client support, free appraisals, free FedEx shipping, low interest rates on pawn loans (up to 5%), highest level of confidentiality and security.

Being a secured loans provider, does not check its customers’ credit status, does not require them to have a job or a proof of a steady income. Customers can also sell their valuables outright: items for sale are insured by and are also shipped for free.

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